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Boiler Service

A boiler Service is extremely important when it comes to your home heating or business heating. The no.1 reason to have a boiler service annually is to reduced costs. On average a boiler that is serviced will save 15% upwards on fuel. A boiler service done professionally can save you on average €300 per year.

Whats involved in a Boiler Service

Servicing a Boiler is a very important job and you should have someone who is qualified undertake the job. This is for your own safety and those in your home

How long should a Service take?

When you order a service for your boiler the recomened time it should take is anywhere between 1.30 – 2 hours. The engineer will replace certain parts and clean the boiler. The engineer will also check all apparatus’s that are connected to the boiler. Oil Lines ,Tanks ETC

Why Service my Boiler?

A boiler, Gas or Oil is a mechanical operated appliance similar to a Car, Bike, Boat and Plane. Just like these mechanically operated items you would not keep using them without having them serviced yearly.This is the same principal with your boiler if you keep using it without getting it serviced you will damage your boiler, burner and your pocket.

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